Khayahkulu Holdings is firmly rooted in rural growth and because of our extensive knowledge of the rural market we are in touch with the rural based consumers' needs and aspirations.

As a result, we are able to advise that these consumers are:

  • No longer looking to the urban areas for trends and jobs i.e. companies and cooperatives are being formed in the rural areas for business to business and public sector trade activities.
  • Are creating their own unique trends, where an ideal example is born from State driven initiatives for these consumers to return back to work the land in their communities and produce food.

It is for, and with these consumers, as well as other relevant stakeholders that Khayakhulu Holdings is able to launch the creation of the most suitable development solutions to ensure economic activity participation of rural communities. In the most inclusive terms.

With over a decade of combined experience in corporate and business, we have a great track record of delivering beyond client expectations.